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Medical Practice for ENT-medicine Dr. Majid Ghosn: your experienced ear, nose and throat specialist (Brussels)

Dokter Majid Ghosn specializes in ear, nose and throat medicine (ENT). Since 2000 he treats patients of all ages in his modern practice in Brussels, in the heart of the European quarter.

Ear, nose and throat medicine

Ear, nose and throat medicine diagnoses and treats all possible disorders regarding the ears, nose, throat and neck. Based on an effective and detailed analyses of your physical complaints, your ENT-specialist can help you treat disorders such as snoring problems or allergies.


Diagnostic tools

The practice of dokter Majid Ghosn is fully equipped to perform a broad range of diagnostic tests. This way, the cause of your problems can be pinpointed quickly and an appropriate treatment can be developed. The practice has, amongst others, the following diagnostic possibilities:

  • Auditory tests: in an isolated room, we test the auditory system of adults and children.
  • Deafness screening: screening for deafness (newborns).
  • Dizziness tests: with a videonystagmography – or an Ulmer test – we determine the exact cause of your dizziness, so that the right treatment can be prescribed.
  • Skin allergy test: this quick test only takes about 15 minutes to complete and gives a clear overview of all present allergies.

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